I am a painter, living and working in Amsterdam.
I am interested in abstraction. I like simple, graphical patterns and shapes, bright colours and strong contrasts. I also paint big "Hairy Affairies" and small bees.
Enjoy my work. I do.
Recent news:

Workbook ‘Thank you for being an Artist’

Our weekly sessions at the tuinatelier of K.F. Hein Fonds are completed. Together with spoken word artist wordbites I was allowed to use this space as an artist in residence. We met once every week and had a conversation about our work as artists an...
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3 paper bags with black handwritten title: Thank you for being an Artist

Thank you for being an Artist

I realise how much I am fascinated and stimulated by artists, from all kinds of different disciplines of art. How much I ow to art in general. And how grateful I am for being an artist myself. But this is to ALL artists: Thank you for being an artist...
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