Big Art 2023

Big Art was truly BIG! Almost 6.000 – six thousand!! – visitors came to see our pop-up XL art show. What a blast! And I enjoyed every second of it. After so many hours of silent studio work, it was beautiful to hear all the encouraging feedback. Especially on Friday, during Wordbites‘ Silent Poetry Disco, […]

New studio at ACTA – let’s share

I found a new studio at Broedplaats ACTA. The space is wonderful. But for me alone it is even slightly too big. It has a mezzanine of roughly 12 square meters that is more or less empty. It would be fun to share the space on a temporary basis. If you have a project* that […]

De Salon at What Art Can Do

I’m very pleased to take part in ‘De Salon 2022’, an end-of-year group show including over 30 contemporary artists at What Art Can Do (former Kunst Kan…) gallery in Amsterdam. The show opened last Sunday and will continue until 28th January 2023. I am showing four works on canvas (‘Crudités’, pictured above and below) amongst […]

Big Art at Bijlmer Bajes

In November 2022, I showed two of my latest projects during Big Art at the former prison of Amsterdam, de Bijlmer Bajes. My painting installation ‘In the Garden’ consists of four landscape portraits. They show details from gardens and landscapes. Each of them has its own colour pallet, belonging to a specific moment in the […]

Kunstvierdaagse at Kunsthal 45

I was invited for a mini-residency at Kunsthal 45 in Den Helder. Kunsthal 45 will move out of its current exhibition space next to the sea, into a new space downtown. To bridge the time in between, they organise a series of “Kunstvierdaagse”: every month, four different artists will stay and work for four days […]

Workbook ‘Thank you for being an Artist’

Our weekly sessions at the tuinatelier of K.F. Hein Fonds are completed. Together with spoken word artist wordbites I was allowed to use this space for three months as an artist in residence. We met once every week and had a conversation about our work as artists and related aspects that we felt like giving a […]
3 paper bags with black handwritten title: Thank you for being an Artist

Thank you for being an Artist

I realise how much I am fascinated and stimulated by artists, from all kinds of different disciplines of art. How much I ow to art in general. And how grateful I am for being an artist myself. But this is to ALL artists: Thank you for being an artist. Thank you for being such an […]
Het tuinatelier van het K.F. Heinfonds

Residency at K.F. Hein Fonds in Utrecht

Currently, I am an artist in resident (AIR) at K.F. Hein Fonds in Utrecht, together with spoken word artist Hugo, a.k.a. wordbites. We meet one day a week, every week in their “tuinatelier”. The given space and time are filled with an ongoing conversation about our work. About the reason why we make what we […]
wall with 11 paintings of bumblebee and bees

You and Bee together

I’m excited to update you on my ongoing project in progress: Bees. Not only they are extremely beautiful, fuzzy animals with amazing stripes, but also they are super crucial for our food supply and sadly enough threatened to disappear soon if we don’t make an effort to improve their habitat. That is why I got […]
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