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Subject matter

What is my theme? And why am I painting? I have a huge sheet of paper in my studio where I write down everything that could serve as a theme for my art. Maybe as a replacement of some sort of briefing I thought I needed to define first what I am going to make […]

How to find a motive

Last week I made a little excursion into figurative painting. How come? It was a day when I didn’t know what to paint at all. How to find a motive? I went on my rowing machine and told myself: it will come. And indeed: there, right in front of me rowing, was this pile of objects my […]

Tell your own story

Here is what I am telling myself each day: Don’t try to make art, try to tell your own story, through your own signature. So I wait and then paint or write what comes to my mind, or out of my arm. It can be a movement, it can be words, curls, lines or letters. It’s […]