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Het tuinatelier van het K.F. Heinfonds

Residency at K.F. Hein Fonds in Utrecht

Currently, I am an artist in resident (AIR) at K.F. Hein Fonds in Utrecht, together with spoken word artist Hugo, a.k.a. wordbites. We meet one day a week, every week in their “tuinatelier”. The given space and time are filled with an ongoing conversation about our work. About the reason why we make what we […]
wall with 11 paintings of bumblebee and bees

You and Bee together

I’m excited to update you on my ongoing project in progress: Bees. Not only they are extremely beautiful, fuzzy animals with amazing stripes, but also they are super crucial for our food supply and sadly enough threatened to disappear soon if we don’t make an effort to improve their habitat. That is why I got […]