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No painting without patterns

In nearly all my paintings or drawings there is at least one layer or part that consists of a pattern. Stripes, dots, crosses, hatchings… seems I can not paint without patterns. They don’t have to be super accurate but I love their elements to be arranged in a more or less geometrical way, with a certain distance […]

This is what painting should feel like

Today feels like a little milestone: I finally started to work with oil paint. On paper still, to keep the pressure limited. While painting I caught myself thinking: This is what painting should feel like! Now I finally get it! Such an amazing feeling, the way the brush glides over the surface! Still have to […]

Repetition is my state of flow

I like to make many variations of the same theme. Sometimes it feels a bit silly, repeating myself. But each time there is a new possibility that I want to explore or combination of elements that I need to try. I don’t count. I just make all the options that come to my mind, one after the other until […]