Thank you for being an Artist

3 paper bags with black handwritten title: Thank you for being an Artist
I realise how much I am fascinated and stimulated by artists, from all kinds of different disciplines of art. How much I ow to art in general. And how grateful I am for being an artist myself. But this is to ALL artists:
Thank you for being an artist. Thank you for being such an outstanding, brave and special person to me. For letting me admire your creations and share in your visions and mysteries.
Thank you for just doing what you do. And for not giving up, even when circumstances are really low. For dealing with disappointment, criticism and resentments. For your idealism.
Thank you for brightening up my life. And for being just cool.
I love your work. Please continue!

Ik weet dat er mensen op randen zitten. Randen van kan ik nog wel. Of moet ik dan toch. Tegen jullie zeg ik A big thank you. Voor je artiest zijn. Je grootheid. Je grootsheid. Je randen. Je rafels. Je tegen beter weten in. Je willen. Je willen willen. En please blijf doen wat je doet. De wereld heeft je nodig.’ schreef Hugo, Wordbites.