Subject matter

What is my theme? And why am I painting?

I have a huge sheet of paper in my studio where I write down everything that could serve as a theme for my art. Maybe as a replacement of some sort of briefing I thought I needed to define first what I am going to make from now on. Somehow I was seeking for permission of what I was doing. Not that it withheld meĀ from paintingĀ but it bothered me that there was no definition of a “higher goal” yet. I just couldn’t pin down my subject matter, and even worse: I didn’t even know exactly why I was painting.

As always I was trying to make my life complicated. Why couldn’t I just paint?!

I talked to my mentor about it, asking how to find out about my “why” and define my “what”. His answer was simple and quite a relief: Just forget about art! Don’t even think about it. Just follow the intuition of this very moment. The why is exactly this: the act of making art. And the what is already there, because you are already busy with it.