No painting without patterns

Keeps me busy, in progress

In nearly all my paintings or drawings there is at least one layer or part that consists of a pattern. Stripes, dots, crosses, hatchings… seems I can not paint without patterns. They don’t have to be super accurate but I love their elements to be arranged in a more or less geometrical way, with a certain distance and angle. Most of all I enjoy painting them by hand, without a ruler. That makes it a challenge and I really have to focus to get it as right or straight as possible. My patterns have the function of a net: they hold everything together. But the nets have holes where new forms can escape. These elements are more dominant and stronger. They interfere with the patterns and confuse their order.

I guess this is where my two souls collide: my background as a graphic designer and my new life as a painter. The old and the new. They find each other interesting, sometimes they fight, more and more they play.