Connecting two shapes

Art and happiness are connected

For me, art and happiness are connected. They belong together since my childhood and they go hand in hand ever since. My parents are huge art fans and already at young age they made us part of their passion: we went constantly to museums, galleries and art shows and my father shared his knowledge about art and art history with […]
Oceanic Easter, in progress

Art supplies

Some news about my art supplies? Skip the soft pastels I mentioned earlier. They really don’t work for me. What a mess! I want a line to be a line, and not some vague stain of colour that keeps smearing out. I also let go of the watercolours and aquarell and started working with acrylic (and oil, see […]

Subject matter

What is my theme? And why am I painting? I have a huge sheet of paper in my studio where I write down everything that could serve as a theme for my art. Maybe as a replacement of some sort of briefing I thought I needed to define first what I am going to make […]

This is what painting should feel like

Today feels like a little milestone: I finally started to work with oil paint. On paper still, to keep the pressure limited. While painting I caught myself thinking: This is what painting should feel like! Now I finally get it! Such an amazing feeling, the way the brush glides over the surface! Still have to […]

Repetition is my state of flow

I like to make many variations of the same theme. Sometimes it feels a bit silly, repeating myself. But each time there is a new possibility that I want to explore or combination of elements that I need to try. I don’t count. I just make all the options that come to my mind, one after the other until […]

How to find a motive

Last week I made a little excursion into figurative painting. How come? It was a day when I didn’t know what to paint at all. How to find a motive? I went on my rowing machine and told myself: it will come. And indeed: there, right in front of me rowing, was this pile of objects my […]

Harmony is key to everything

So, what is it all about? Dutch artist Jeroen Henneman stated in an article I read yesterday that the essence of visual art is that the maker gets in harmony with his own thoughts. Is it that simple?!? Harmony is key to everything I would say but somehow I can totally relate to it: writing […]

Tell your own story

Here is what I am telling myself each day: Don’t try to make art, try to tell your own story, through your own signature. So I wait and then paint or write what comes to my mind, or out of my arm. It can be a movement, it can be words, curls, lines or letters. It’s […]
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