Art supplies

Oceanic Easter, in progress

Some news about my art supplies? Skip the soft pastels I mentioned earlier. They really don’t work for me. What a mess! I want a line to be a line, and not some vague stain of colour that keeps smearing out. I also let go of the watercolours and aquarell and started working with acrylic (and oil, see this post). Acrylic feels a bit plastic but as a start it works quite well. Compared to aquarell the colour “stands” immediately, it’s a statement much more than a careful trial. And with it directions become more clear, obviously you have to take decisions.

I still work a lot on paper. Mostly in series (read more in my post about flow). A few try-outs with canvas were great fun but it’s still a bit intimidating. Can’t be too brave at once, right? 🙂

Inspired by Barnett Newman’s “zips” I also started experimenting with masking tape. This resulted in blocked strokes along the sides.